The point here is that the odds on this happening must be ridiculously high. Rigged Poker International | Is

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They should go to Harvard or MIT, not some auditing company that no one has heard of, and commission their statistics and computer analysis departments to make a review of the RNG software.

At most poker sites, if the audit reveals there is a high likelihood you were cheating via collusion, you can more or less kiss your ability to play at that site goodbye.GTFO of here, why the hell would any of these sites waste time rigging bullshit.The fact that they so obviously elude any reasonable supervision while trying to fool the gullible into believing they are in fact makes them look like they have something to hide.

Gambling always ends up favoring the casino or the online site.And the most funny part is, all these people deffending these big companys.Best Online Poker in 2018 - Your #1 Guide to top Real Money Poker Sites & Games. Find Top Games Fast Payouts Huge $€£ Bonuses & More!.NOT because they beat me, but because it was simply too easy to win.THIS video proves it as one of the few examples but involving a real poker pro.Yes from my own personal experience, I have no doubt that corruption and collusion is a factor of online poker.

Thus the feeling of bad beats for prudent and discerning players playing the numbers.Yet there is all these people claiming online casinos are fair.For those that are interested in real evidence to back up their arguments we have run tests on some major online poker sites to look for evidence of rigging.If you cash-out then expect to lose at least that amount after you do.Person after BB raises to 900, I have AA, nice, so I flat call and there are 3 more to act after me.Titan Poker Review;. Forums; Bad Beats; Bad beats and a new theory of how online poker is rigged. Tweet. Reply to. a thread arguing that online poker is.Unless you yourself pull the ace out of their sleeve, and how would you do that if there is no sleeve, you will never put them down.It seems that an unusually high percentage of time, especially when the guarentee is not yet met that the person at risk of being eliminated always loses.

Since people only play low limit ringgames you will find a lot of crap.Not all collusion will be automatically picked up on, though.

Reputable Online Poker Games including holdem. This list contains online poker sites who feature holdem poker and poker games online. Acquired by Titan Poker.Most people who conspire to cheat or collude against other players are also bad at the game.

A player needs to email with the relevant bonus code in the subject line and their username in the body of the email in order to receive the bonus.Why would you want to let that idiot win, when he wants to lose to your AA or other monsterhand.

Tell them we want poker but we want clean poker and a fair game.I know this Veteran player plays poker many years for a living before the internet.I had jj today flop j77 turn 8 river 7 guy calls me all in on turn and had more money than me.